Fred Watson Photography

About me

I have been taken photographs ever since my parents gave me my first Polaroid camera as a child back in the 70s. Today the equipment has changed, however my boundless passion to take photographs hasn’t. I enjoy all aspects and genres of this art form. I love throwing (metaphorically speaking) my camera gear in the back of the car and heading off to watch and shoot the sunrise somewhere.  In fact, I do this often.

Like our sunrises, photography is infinite. There’s always something new to capture. And capturing those great moments for people to cherish is what I also appreciate whether that be a birthday party or a portrait shoot, I’ll always make sure your moment is frozen in time to treasure. And while we’re talking of portraits, I endeavour to capture the subject – as they are – right now. It’s one thing to photograph a person and quite another to capture their personality on camera.

I enjoy photography for many reasons but if I were asked to sum up why very quickly it would be because there is no perfection. Every shoot and every image are teaching us something.  Consequently, I am always engaged on a purposeful journey to improve. My next image will be my best.