Fred Watson Photography

About me

I have had a love of photography ever since I was a child when my parents gave me my first polaroid camera. I have been taking photographs ever since.

Landscape photography, like many of the photographic genres, is about telling a story. It can include everything from the mundane to the bazaar and can provoke emotion and reactions.

My workflow may be different. I do not set out to a location to take photographs immediately. I arrive to first experience the place and absorb my surroundings, which I find incredibly therapeutic – especially with all that is happening in the world right now. Once I have immersed myself only then do I take my camera out and begin looking for locations to shoot.

I enjoy photography for many reasons but if I were asked to sum it quickly it would be because there is no perfection. Every shoot and every image is teaching something.  Consequently, I am always engaged on that purposeful journey to improve. My next image will be my best.